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Smarter, informed
real time 
financial insights 

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FinWize is a unique tool to improve financial management, consolidation & reporting.

More than just data

1. Real Time
Up to date, real time information

2. Insights
Smart information that helps you gain insights and make informed decisions

3. Time Saver
Available at the click of a button without needing to spend hours finding information

Key Features


FRS 102 / IFRS / IAS and other local GAAP statutory reporting taxonomy available

Financial Dashboards

Select your required dashboard or let us design it in your corporate colours

Budgets & Forecasts

Track your budgets and progress on entity or cost centre level. Define multiple budget scenarios

Multi-level Navigation

Navigation ease to perform comparison on variances or differences

KPI & Performance Metrics

Simple analyse overall performance KPI's, trends and variances

Segment wise reports

Multi-dimensional analysis for better alignment of resources throughout the business

Dynamic Visualisation

Slice and dice dashboard visuals to help you analyse data points at a granular level

Roles Management

Configure insights for specific key roles for monitoring purposes

Roles & Responsibilities

Manage key roles with KPI insights linked to specific targets

Create an organisation of enhanced transparency and accountability


When your time is better spent
making decisions 
than just crunching numbers

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