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In a world of unprecedented and constant change, being successful means organisations need to develop a data culture and create an environment where every team and every individual is empowered to do great things because of the insights that are available for better decision making.


Just imagine having insights available to anyone, anywhere, at any time. 

How this will optimise business operations with decisive actions that allows the entire organisation to innovate and stay relevant.

Harness the power of your data with ease by leveraging our skills, expertise and technology to turn your data into readily accessible and actionable reporting tools.

Functional areas our BI services cover:

  • Financials

  • Supply Chain

    • Demand​

    • Vendors

    • Logistics

    • Inventory

  • Assets

    • Asset life cycle​

    • Monitoring & tracking

    • Maintenance

  • Manufacturing

    • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)​

    • Quality

  • Health & Safety

  • HR

  • Customers

    • Marketing​

    • Sales

    • Customer experiences

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Our BI Services:

  • Reporting & Dashboards

  • Analysis

  • Mobile

  • Consulting

  • Support

"Senix Digital truly delivered an integrated solution and has improved our operations across the board."


Mr Petersen, MD ~ Cape Town

Some of our other incredible services

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